In person

The best communication undoubtedly happens face to face. Disagree? Don’t forget the work of Albert Mehrabian.

I use a combination of NLP, Social Styles and over 20 years of success in sales, marketing, management and leadership positions to design the correct recipe to give you exactly what you are looking for.

So, if you are looking for someone to help you to be a more influential communicator let me be your guide.

I can tailor a programme to your particular needs, covering all aspects of influential communication. Not only that, but I am comfortable working as a coach (one to one) or leading groups of any size. My initial consultation is free to you and allows us to define just what outcomes you want to achieve with your customers, both internal and external.   

The next step is to show you how to make the perfect dish. This is achieved by a very experiential approach, which is basically more about you trying things than me talking about them! 

For more detailed information on the topics I have expertise in, have a look at the resources on offer.

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